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FAA MEDXPRESS Program For Pilots

If you have a hand-held device —iPhone, Smartphone, BlackBerry, etc.— you can fill out the medical application form “on the fly” at your convenience.



The Federal Aviation Administration’s MedXPress system allows anyone requiring an FAA Medical Certificate or Student Pilot Medical Certificate to electronically complete their applications for medical certificate (FAA Form 8500-8).

Information entered into the FAA MedXPress system will be transmitted to the FAA aviation medical examiner (AME) to review prior to and at the time of your medical examination, if you provide a confirmation number. 


MedXPress is located at https://medxpress.faa.gov/

First-time users should click on “request account” and complete the online form. The system will ask you to supply your name and e-mail address. Your email address will serve as your account name when logging into FAA MedXPress.

Next, MedXPress will prompt you to answer three simple security questions to verify your identity if you should forget your password or need help with your account.

After submitting your form, your initial password and instructions for completing the account request process will arrive at the e-mail address you provided.

IMPORTANT: Never use someone else’s MedXPress account to enter your information. Each applicant must create his or her own account. Only one applicant per e-mail address is allowed.


Once you receive e-mail confirmation that your account regarding your created account, you can return to the FAA MedXPress login page and access the secure site using your e-mail address and the temporary password supplied in the confirmation e-mail. You’ll need to enter a permanent password.


Upon signing in to MedXPress, you’ll see the medical application form. Complete the form. When you finish, enter your password where it indicates “I’m done. Send my application to the FAA.” Click submit.

MedXPress will assign your application a confirmation number when you successfully submit it.

TIP: If you need to find information about the date of previous exams, medications used, or other such information before completing the MedXPress application, you can save what you have entered thus far and return later to complete any missing data. Click the “save now” button on the bottom of the page and log off. When you log back on, the entries you have made will still be there.


A confirmation number is provided for you upon successful submission of your medical application. The system will additionally email you this number to confirm your application. When you make an appointment with an AME, the system may ask you for this number so an AME can review your medical information prior to your physical.

Take your confirmation number with you when you arrive for your exam because your AME will NOT be able to access your exam without it.

We strongly recommend that you view and print a copy of the completed form before logging off.


After submitting the electronic application form, you have 60 days in which to schedule and take a physical examination with your AME.

After 60 days, the system will automatically delete the application.


When your AME imports your application using your confirmation number and saves it in the FAA’s medical certification system, the application is considered a permanent record.


If you have technical questions at any point in the application process, you can call this toll-free MedXPress support number: (877) 287-6731 (available 24/7), or you can e-mail the support desk: 9-natl-avs-it-servicedesk@faa.gov


  1. Connect to MedXPress at https://medxpress.faa.gov
  2. Create an account or login using your existing account
  3. Enter medical application data
  4. Submit application
  5. Print summary sheet
  6. Give a summary sheet with the confirmation number to your AME
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