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In the United States, there are three classes of medical certifications for pilots; such certificates are required to legally exercise the privileges of a Pilot exercising the privileges of either a Private, Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot license. Medical Certificates are not needed for Glider, Balloon, Recreational, or Sport Pilot certifications. Each certificate must be issued by a doctor approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to a person of stable physical and mental health.

To be eligible for a first-class airman medical certificate, and to remain eligible for a first-class airman medical certificate, a person must meet the requirements of this subpart.

Class 1 Index (Part 67)

[column column=’one-fourth’ title=”] 67.101 Eligibility.
67.103 Eye.
67.105 Ear, nose, throat, and equilibrium.
67.107 Mental.
67.109 Neurologic.
[/column] [column column=’one-half-last’ title=”]

67.111 Cardiovascular.
67.113 General medical condition (Applies Class 1).
67.1 – 67.7 General medical condition (Applies to All Classes).
67.115 Discretionary issuance.
67.115 Sub Part E – Waivers.



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