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by WebMaster February 22, 2019

Aviation Medical Exam Disqualifying Conditions

Aviation Medical Exam

For pilots that apply for an aviation medical certificate for the first time, it remains essential to know what to expect before your FAA Medical Exam. This includes what medical conditions might prevent you from Aviation Medical Exam approval.


Some disqualifying medical factors exist that you should consider before applying for an aviation medical certificate. Although some of these conditions are very clear, you may discover that some seemingly benign conditions impart substantial difficulty during an Aviation Medical Exam.


Your friends from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami want to share some conditions labeled as disqualifying by the FAA, as well as some of your options before filling out your application. In any case, you might wield a good chance of speaking with a pilot who has dealt with the same condition. They may offer you some advice on how you can maneuver through the Aviation Medical Exam process.


Disqualifying Medical Conditions for a Pilot’s Medical Exam

The following includes some Aviation Medical Exam disqualifying conditions:


This does not represent an extensive list of all the conditions, so keep in mind that the FAA can deny approval for numerous other reasons. Nevertheless, this list serves as a starting point for some of the more common disorders that may disqualify you for Aviation Medical Exam approval.


If you suffer from a condition on the aforementioned list, it is essential that you conduct an aviation medical examiner or another specialist. They can help you determine if your condition prohibits you from flying. In some scenarios, the FAA may even grant a special issuance medical certification. An aviation medical examiner can help you prepare more thoroughly for this specialized procedure.


FAA Medical Exam Approval Process

After reviewing your medical history, as well as completing your Aviation Medical Exam, your examiner must issue a certificate, deny the application, or defer the actions through another appropriate channel. An examiner can only issue a certificate if you meet all of the medical standards. This includes those pertaining to your comprehensive medical history.


Nevertheless, an examiner always wields the option of deferring applications to the FAA for a finalized action. However, an examiner will typically deny your application when you don’t meet FAA standards for flying.


An aviation medical examiner additionally possesses the leeway to make their own decisions in their specific area of expertise. For this reason, it remains challenging to list every condition that may bar you from a future career as a pilot.


Despite the initial exam remaining quite extensive, once you obtain the certificate, your following exams will be quite a bit easier. The initial examination takes one full day where you visit multiple specialists. These professionals will assess your health and ailments, in addition to any potential effects they may cause while inside the cockpit.


An Aviation Medical Exam from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami

Aviation Medical ExamEvery year you will visit an aviation doctor for your annual assessment. This will include a checkup and an update of your overall health status. You will also likely undergo a new vision test, blood testing, and a urine sample.


Nonetheless, when you obtain your approval certification, you are ready to fly. Apart from some initial challenges, you can work and fly with very few changes to your life. For more information on a pilot medical analysis from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami, contact us today!