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by WebMaster March 22, 2019

Some of the Highest Paying Aviation Jobs in the Industry

aviation jobsDespite many aspiring flyers dreaming of a glamorous lifestyle of becoming a commercial pilot, the antiquated idea of pilots not going anywhere without their perfectly crisp uniforms with their attendants on their arms represents days of old.


The flight industry has gone through a notably tumultuous transition for some time. This is largely due to increased security measures, as well as increasing fuel prices. Nevertheless, the fact remains that people want to travel, and aviation jobs enable these individuals to obtain numerous positions through airlines, airports, and security organizations.


The good news is that if you aspire to obtain a career in aviation, you don’t need to wait to fly a 747 if you want to work. In fact, for individuals that possess any number of other skills, our team from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami can offer some information on aviation jobs that remain heavily in-demand and actually, pay quite well.


Air Traffic Control

Air traffic controllers focus on ensuring smooth traffic in the skies. This position provides safe operation of the nation’s air transport system. As one of the most crucial aviation jobs, air traffic controllers maintain contact with aircraft in specific areas to track distance, direction, and several other specifics.


This keeps traffic safe while operations continue in the air. Air traffic controllers average about $85,000 each year.


Aviation Mechanic

When many people think about a mechanic career, they typically think of a grease monkey bent over under the hood of a car. However, aviation mechanics offer a wide variety of skills that may include inspection, maintenance, and repair of aircraft.


These aviation jobs additionally require working on engines, landing gear, brakes, and even the lavatory area. Since an aviation mechanic is a crucial position in keeping aircraft flying, they typically average in the mid-$50,000’s annual.


Aircraft Inspector

Mechanics often move up to the aircraft inspector position when they can maintain a positive track record. Inspectors often possess a great deal of job security. This is because the FAA requires inspection and approval after completed repairs.


Inspector aviation jobs essentially keep the American air transport system safe, remaining responsible for the safety of anyone boarding an aircraft. These jobs may average $65,000 per year.


Air Marshal

Air Marshals are highly trained aviation jobs, discreetly flying and offering in-flight security to counter issues that may result in extreme security incidents. These individuals combat terrorist attacks, hijackings, and other severe conditions in the skies.


Air Marshals will typically travel in pairs, wielding firearms. However, not every flight will wield an Air Marshal’s presence. Nevertheless, they average about $70,000 per year. This is largely due to the training needed, and the potential danger involved.



Some time ago, pilots received the bulk of their training through the military. However, in recent years a college degree, as well as training from an FAA-certified flight training school, is the more common method amongst new pilot hires.


While many resources pay less, numerous jobs for pilots exist outside of traditional airline aviation jobs. Pilots wield the necessary training and experience to handle all weather conditions and emergency flight procedures. A pilot will typically average a $100,000 salary while experiencing the best possible seat on the flight!


The Top Paying Aviation Jobs from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami

Aviation JobsWe hope that you enjoyed our rundown of some of the top-paying positions in the aviation field. To obtain more information on the certifications and procedures, you will need to acquire flight-oriented aviation jobs, contact Aviation Medical Exams of Miami today!

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