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Make Your Way Back Home When You Learn to Fly

Student Pilot Medical Certificate in South MiamiAs recent as a decade ago the FAA was reporting dismal student start numbers, a figure barely meeting 70,000 individuals. The good news is that new pilot training is now seeing a significant resurgence. Just last year the FAA issued over 150,000 student pilot certificates.


Learning to fly remains a breathtaking experience to most. Nevertheless, the entire procedure demands commitment and work that begins from day one. Aspiring fliers may run into several problems that could range from finding an appropriate instructor to attaining their student pilot medical certificate in South Miami.


Here at Aviation Medical Exams of Miami, our team wants you to remember that becoming a pilot is supposed to be fun… at least a little bit. Take some time to breathe and set off on the wonderful adventure that is pilot training!


The Basics of Your Student Pilot Medical Certificate in South Miami

To begin flight training anywhere in the United States, you must secure a student pilot certificate. This is in addition to a medical certification as well. These credentials will enable you to fly solo as a training pilot. However, you can still take lessons without one.


To obtain a student pilot medical certificate in South Miami, you must pass a physical exam administered by an Aviation Medical Examiner or AME. The FAA authorizes these specialists specifically to administer these types of examinations, in addition, to provide medical care for pilots.


Three different types of medical certificates exist as issued by the FAA: first, second, and third class. Students, sports, and private pilots must wield at least a third-class certificate in solo flying. Commercial pilots must possess a second-class certificate, and airline pilots must obtain their first-class certificate to fly legally.


If you are just starting out becoming a pilot, a third-class medical certification will do. Nonetheless, many training pilots actually work to obtain their first-class. This helps them ensure that they meet the medical requirements, should they want to fly commercially later on.


Required Health Standards to Obtain a Student Pilot Medical Certificate in South Miami

The FAA requires different standards to pass each medical certification exam. For third-class, you must display 20/40 vision or better with or without glasses. You will also need to hear normally at a general, conversational level. Furthermore, an AME will want to see that you remain in good health, both mentally and physically.


Although most people pass their medical examination without a significant problem, some that suffer from certain medical conditions receive a deferment or denial. Not to worry, the FAA and their AMEs work with individuals seeking their student pilot medical certificate in South Miami.


Pilots with certain conditions can apply for a special issuance medical certificate. This means that the AME must apply for review by the FAA. These doctors, as well as the FAA,  will want you to fly. For this reason, they can help you obtain a student pilot medical certificate in South Miami as long as your condition doesn’t interfere with flight safety.


In very rare scenarios, a pilot may fail due to a disqualifying condition. When you suffer from a medical condition that could potentially interfere with flight safety, it remains essential to talk to an AME, or possibly an aviation attorney about your options.


In more cases, you can obtain a waiver. However, you will want to possess the advice of a knowledgeable and experienced individual that can work with the FAA or an Aviation Medical Examiner.


Obtaining a Student Pilot Medical Certificate in South Miami with Aviation Medical Exams of Miami

Acquiring a student pilot medical certificate is just one of the many steps on a truly wonderful journey towards becoming a flyer. For some, this can represent a roadblock, but very rarely does medical compliance prevent individuals from flying on their own.


Before beginning aviation training, we recommend consulting with an AME. They can outline information on what you need to prepare, as well as what may issues or disqualifications you could run into when attempting to obtain your student pilot medical certificate in South Miami.


If you aren’t sure where to find an AME, you can use the FAA’s AME locator resource to pinpoint the nearest one. Our team from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami also would like to extend our hand as a South Florida resource that remains proud to guide and assist aspiring pilots.


To learn more about how we can help you with pilot certification, contact our professional and dedicated team today!\