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by WebMaster January 25, 2019

What No One Tells You About Becoming a Pilot

pilot tipsWe often hear from countless individuals that want to become a pilot to fly themselves around the country on business trips or vacations. Unfortunately, many of these goals remain farther away and more elusive than they can imagine.

Although it may seem like glitz and glamour traveling around the world through the skies, the life of a pilot often proves relatively tricky. While many pilots would do things the same way all over again, the team from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami wants to share some pilot tips they probably wish they knew beforehand.

The World is Full of Pilots

Although the ratio of pilots to the general populace is tiny, new pilots may express surprise about the number of pilots they find during their travels. Everywhere they travel around the world they may find someone who knows how to fly a plane.

This could reflex someone who was once a pilot, is currently a pilot or decided to learn to fly planes because they know a pilot in some fashion. The first of our pilot tips is considering that your community of flying professionals may remain larger than your initial expectations.

The World is Full of “Pilots”

Nevertheless, it is essential also to consider that many piloting individuals that you meet may not possess a flying license at all. The second on our list of pilot tips is remaining aware of the faux pilot. Simply because someone took a few lessons, does not make them a pilot. For every legitimate professional flyer you meet, you may converse with 2 or 3 that don’t know a Cessna from a Beechcraft Bonanza.

“Do You Have the Time?”

Traveling across time zones may make you start feeling a bit like Doc Brown in Back to the Future. Our third on this list of pilot tips is keeping in mind that at any time, you may not know where you are, or what time it is.

When you travel somewhere new, you could fly to somewhere that is two hours ahead of your home, or four hours behind. Pilots operate on Zulu time, a standard internationally accepted time for anyone spanning multiple zones. As a result, local time will mean less to you than those that inquire about your location and the time there.

Plan on Not Making Plans

A pilot’s schedule varies. You may remain away from home for months at a time as a pilot. Additionally, you could fly Tuesday through Sunday one week with Monday off, before flying Saturday again through Monday.

This entry on our pilot tips is planning on not making any serious plans. As a pilot, you may discover it remains substantially challenging to make any concrete plans without even comprehending the current day of the week. Your schedule will likely fluctuate drastically, forcing you to “plan as you go.”

Beware of Droning Days

Finally, the last of our pilot tips. Depending on your pilot position, you could end up away from home for months. Just imagine a scenario where you need something repaired in your home such as the cable or internet. Some cable providers could take up to two weeks before coming out to analyze the situation. Unfortunately, this can result in any number of problems when you don’t know where you’ll fly in the next two days.

Pilot Tips from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami

Our team from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami represents a crucial resource in the South Florida community to help keep pilots in the skies while ensuring their optimum health. We hope you enjoyed reading our pilot tips for new pilots!

For more information on how we can help you with pilot certification services, or for expansion on our pilot tips information, contact Aviation Medical Exams of Miami today!

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