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by WebMaster January 11, 2019

Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Medical Exam Checklist

aviation medical exam checklistAviation medical certificates are a requirement for most pilots. This may represent a significant source of anxiety for many.

You may possess numerous questions or concerns regarding an aviation medical exam. With so much at stake, some nerves are understandable even if you remain in perfect health.


Nonetheless, the good news is that the majority of individuals pass their aviation medical exams. Aviation Medical Exams of Miami want to share some information that may help you prepare, as well as an Aviation Medical Exam checklist.


Tips for the Aviation Medical Examination

It is important to remember that your aviation medical examiner, or AME, will want you to pass the exam. They typically understand how crucial it is for pilots to continue flying. For this reason, your AME and the FAA will work with you to resolve potential issues concerning the examination.


Here at Aviation Medical Exams of Miami, we want pilots to remain happy, and healthy pilots, leaving our office with a medical clearance in hand. With this in mind, our Aviation Medical Exam checklist includes the following information that you can follow during your approach towards passing the test.


Aviation Medical Exam Checklist

  • Ensure you get an abundance of sleep
  • Maintain hydration before undergoing the examination
  • Avoid any food or drink that contains caffeine, sodium, as well as carbohydrates, and sugar for at least eight hours before seeing the examiner
  • Don’t forget to bring your eyeglasses
    • Ensure that your prescription is current, especially if your near- or far-sighted vision has changed
  • Bring all required medical records from a personal physician outlining a chronic medical condition
  • See a personal physician for evaluation and treatment before the medical exam
  • Avoid coffee, decongestants, cigarettes, or any other stimulants before your exam. These may result in your blood pressure rising during the test.
  • If you possess a family history that contains diabetes, avoid an excessive amount of sugar before the examination. Urinalysis will demonstrate positive sugar if you consume too much sugar before the test.
  • If any of your administered medications or medical conditions changed since your previous aviation medical exam, you should bring documentation outlining these changes to your examination.
  • If you suffer from a condition that has or will require FAA Special Issuance, you must obtain documentation from the FAA for preapproval.
  • Some herbal preparations may jeopardize your FAA medical exam. Check with Aviation Medical Exams of Miami for specific information regarding herbal compounds.


You will want to show up for your exam preparation. Although this aviation medical exam checklist can help, you will want to research any conditions or other information that may affect the examination before the appointment.


This will enable you to enter the examination prepared, with everything you need for success ahead of time. If you remain fit and healthy, some minor research and preparation can not only help calm any potential fears but also offer your examiner some valuable information.

Aviation Medical Exam Checklist from the Aviation Medical Exams of Miami

For most people, an aviation medical exam is clear-cut and simple. Nevertheless, others may experience frustration as they wait for the examination and the clearance process to reach their conclusion. Fortunately, the FAA wants you to fly and do what they can to keep you flying in the end.


For more information on an aviation medical exam or our aviation medical exam checklist, contact our professional team at Aviation Medical Exams of Miami today!


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