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Pilot Medical Exam in Cutler BayA Vital Step in Your Aviation Career


To become or stay a pilot, most pilots have to take their pilot medical exam. Whether in Cutler Bay or surrounding areas, South Florida pilots need to get the FAA Aviation Medical Certificate to get off the ground or stay in the air. This exam is more in-depth than your basic check-up, with vision, hearing, urology tests, and more. Without this exam, most flight schools will not allow you to log solo hours.


However, with the variety of exams available, it can be a little confusing to find out the steps to getting a pilot medical exam. Here at Aviation Medical Exams of Miami, we want to simplify this process and make it truly accessible to every pilot.


What is a Pilot Medical Exam in Cutler Bay?


There are three classes of pilot medical exams: First, second, and third. Private, recreational, and student pilots only need the third-class medical exam, which has lower standards of entry. For example, a third-class pilot medical exam means you would need at least 20/40 distance vision in each eye. Contrarily, first-class medical requirements outline distance vision of 20/20 or better. A first-class medical exam usually involves an EKG, which a third-class exam will not.


These exams are not done once. An Aviation Medical Examiner or AME will re-perform the examination throughout a pilot’s career. They will undergo an examination every five years for private pilots or every year for commercial pilots. Once a commercial pilot is over 40, the test may need to be re-done every six months.


During the exam, you will go through what is functionally an extended physical exam. They will test your vision, (distant, near, intermediate, color,) hearing, audiology (ability to distinguish speech,) ENT, blood pressure and pulse, and check your psychiatric history.


There are also a few chronic physical medical conditions that can disqualify you from passing the pilot medical exam in Cutler Bay. For example, epilepsy or bipolar disorder could disqualify you from the exam. Nevertheless, depending on the specifics of the condition, an AME and the FAA may grant a special issuance. This approval grants a pilot facing a condition the ability to legally fly.


Why are Pilot Medical Exams Necessary?


Flying can be extremely dangerous. Though the rate of accidents and death associated with aviation is very low, this is not due to the inherent safety of the practice. The simple act of taking a machine up into the air, away from roads and help, can be hazardous. In fact, the early years of aviation were filled with accidents and danger, like Amelia Earheart going down over the Pacific. 


In our modern times, we have brought those tragedies to a much lower level. Now hearing about even one plane going down or having a deathly accident is shocking enough to make national news. How did we achieve this?


With the aviation industry’s iron-clad dedication to safety and safety procedures. The same regulations that make inspections necessary every 100 hours for training aircraft or the FAA annual inspections of all aircraft make it necessary for pilots to go through periodic medical exams as well. 


Who Needs a Pilot Medical Exam in Cutler Bay?


If you or someone you know are thinking about becoming a pilot, either private or commercial, you need to take the pilot medical exam in Cutler Bay! However, future potential pilots need to think about what kind of pilot they want to be prior to the examination.


1: Private Pilot Students


Even if you only want your private pilot license for your own pleasure, you need an FAA Aviation Medical Exam. A private pilot only needs the third class exam, however, which is functionally a physical. 


2: Commercial Pilots


Even though you passed all your exams and logged hours, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need your medical exams! Every single type of aviation medical exam has an expiration date, though that date is different for different classes. To keep being a commercial pilot, you either need to renew your second-class medical certificate every year to keep doing non-human transport aviation jobs or your first-class medical exam for higher-level aviation transport pilot jobs. 


Where to get a Pilot Medical Exam in Cutler Bay?

Pilot Medical Exam in Cutler Bay

Though there are a few places to get a pilot medical exam, here at Aviation Medical Exams of Miami, we are dedicated to making sure that you can safely succeed in your aviation career. Contact us today to set up your appointment! 


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