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by WebMaster August 16, 2019

Immunizations for International PilotsUnderstanding Immunization Requirements for International Pilots

Aircraft operators run a risk for delayed, as well as unfulfilled travel plans when they don’t wield the necessary vaccinations. They should also possess adequate immunization records. Before traveling internationally, it is always a prudent idea to consult an FAA-approved physician regarding immunizations for international pilots outside of the commonly-addressed yellow fever conditions.


Our team from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami is continuing to outline and break down information for fliers. We extend this content this week by providing content on everything you need to know about immunizations for international pilots. Staying healthy is crucially important for any pilot and airline specialist while traveling abroad. Read on to learn more!


Immunizations for International Pilots and Flying

Although the FAA publishes no concrete position in regards to immunizations for international pilots, they suggest that waiting at least 24 hours before flying remains ideal to observe and mitigate the potential for adverse effects.


Nonetheless, as airline companies continue expanding their reach to more exotic destinations, travelers should prepare ahead of time for some of the exposures that they may encounter in these lands.


To some degree, aircrews (including pilots) remain similar to any traveler to an exotic destination. However, they remain subject to some travel modifications to optimize their travel health for the following reasons:


  • Frequent travel on short notice to new destinations.
  • Short layovers, typically 24-48 hours.
  • Perceived “low risk” due to a feeling of overall health and wellness in conjunction with short exposure time. 


Most pilots remain aware of the medications that could interfere with their flight capacity. Unfortunately, airlines rarely employ the type of occupational health experts that wield knowledge and experience in dealing with the special risks that international travel can pose for fliers.


For this reason, consulting with an FAA-certified aeromedical examiner is always a good idea before travel. These experts remain responsible for certifying pilots that travel internationally, including recommending and administering immunizations for international pilots.


Any health provider can analyze and treat a flight crew. However, it is still a good idea for pilots to ask what the company (as well as the FAA) requires for an international flight. The FAA and aviation medical examiners remain the ideal resource to analyze and assist pilots and aviation staff.


Vaccinations for International Pilots

Due to the frequency of travel, pilots can expose themselves to a variety of diseases. Many of these remain uncommon in the United States. For example, a measles condition can pose fatal consequences for adults. This disease appears more common internationally because of a lack of mandatory childhood vaccination in many parts of the world.


Pilots flying internationally must consider health visits to ensure their protection as much as possible. This includes maintaining up-to-date status with immunizations for international pilots including and MMR (measles-mumps-rubella), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, polio, seasonal influenza vaccines, and varicella.


Immunizations for International Pilots from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami

Despite no established guidelines or regulations regarding immunizations for international pilots, visiting with an FAA-approved medical examiner like the Aviation Medical Exams of Miami is an ideal solution for overall protection.


Furthermore, many aircrews will travel frequently during layovers beyond activities for work. For this reason, when planning travel professionally or otherwise internationally must consult with a health specialist to address their comprehensive health and wellness at the same time.


Our team from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami takes pride in assisting pilots with everything they need for safe and educated travel domestically, and abroad. To learn more about immunization during international travel, contact our dedicated medical staff today!



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