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by WebMaster May 3, 2019

FAA Certification for Drones – What is it and How You Can Get One

FAA Certification for DronesAs of 2016 drones became official with the FAA. Officially known as a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, this certification provides civilians the opportunity to take a federal exam to classify them as legally licensed drone pilots.

Nevertheless, FAA certification for drones is not a license. When drone pilots successfully pass their exams, they obtain certification. This means that they don’t need one to operate a drone. More specifically, this remote pilot certification with a small UAS rating remains intended for certified drone pilots that get paid to fly their drones.


The Federal Aviation Administration devised the rules behind the Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate in order to integrate drones into the National Airspace System. Similar to how a commercial pilot’s license enables fliers to get paid flying planes, FAA certification for drones allows small unmanned-aircraft pilots to get paid flying a drone.


The FAA commits to keeping the airways safe. In order to do this, they utilize an intricate system of airspace classifications, altitude requirements, control towers, and much more. By integrating drones into the system, pilots must understand the rules of the sky regarding their aircraft as well as their role and relationship with the FAA’s rules for national airspace.


Ok. But Do You Need FAA Certification for Drones to Fly for Fun?

Short answer: No. A drone does represent an aircraft, albeit a very small one that a person cannot get inside. This does fall under the jurisdiction of the FAA. However, you don’t need to worry if you just want to fly one for recreational use.


In fact, the only requirements for recreational drone flying are that the drone remains under 55 pounds. You must also follow outlined guidelines for recreational flying by the FAA, and register the drone.


How to Obtain FAA Certification for Drones

FAA certification for drones is a remote pilot certification. As such, the requirements and process to obtain certification are very similar to any other aviation certification. The drone certification imparts 60 multiple choice questions requiring a passing score of at least 70%.


Additionally, like any other FAA examination, the test is very detail-oriented. It also provides questions designed to trick you by providing multiple seemingly identical answers. Nevertheless, the procedure should reflect an easy one once you know how to fly a drone.


Furthermore, the FAA provides a free FAA Part 107 Course and Aeronautical Practice Test to help you prepare. The remote pilot certification also requires that applications be 16 years of age or older, able to read, speak, write, and understand English, and in a physical and mental condition to safely operate a drone.


Possessing a drone certification is pretty cool. Completing an FAA certification for drones can help you pilot a drone for work or business. With a passing grade, you can reflect one of the very first FAA-certified remote pilots!


FAA Certification for DronesFAA Certification for Drones from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami

Our team from Aviation Medical Exams of Miami hopes that this information provides you with a clear idea about the FAA certs and drones. Ultimately, if you want to make money with your drone, certification is the first step.


For more information on taking the examination to obtain FAA certification for drones, or on pilot medical examinations, contact our professional and dedicated team today!