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by WebMaster October 18, 2019

Vision Requirements for PilotsHow Good is a Pilot’s Vision Really?

If you asked most airline passengers which of our five senses is most important when it comes to aircraft operation, they would probably say eyesight. Passengers might be surprised to learn that the FAA doesn’t require their pilots to have 20/20 vision.


by WebMaster September 20, 2019

Germs Spread Through the AirWhat Happens When an Airline Pilot Falls Ill?

As passengers board a flight for their next voyage, they trust their safety, and even their lives, to these professionals throughout the flight. Nevertheless, we all know germs spread through the air, what happens when a flier falls ill in the cockpit […]

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by WebMaster August 16, 2019

Immunizations for International PilotsUnderstanding Immunization Requirements for International Pilots

Aircraft operators run a risk for delayed, as well as unfulfilled travel plans when they don’t wield the necessary vaccinations. They should also possess adequate immunization records. Before traveling internationally, it is always a prudent idea to consult an FAA-approved physician regarding immunizations for international […]


by WebMaster July 26, 2019

How Do Pilots Find Their Way?

Pilot Navigation SkillsIn the recent past, GPS has fast evolved into the main method to help pilots find their way. However, many aspiring fliers wonder what happens if the GPS goes down, or how the pros found their way back home before GPS. The […]

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by WebMaster June 7, 2019

Expert Advice on Flying at Night

Night Flying Tips

Night flying simply isn’t for everyone. Pilots often lose a notable amount of the wonder and joy they obtain from getting up there in the sky as soon as the sun sets. Even those fliers […]

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by WebMaster May 3, 2019

FAA Certification for Drones – What is it and How You Can Get One

FAA Certification for DronesAs of 2016 drones became official with the FAA. Officially known as a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, this certification provides civilians the opportunity to take a federal exam to classify them as […]


by WebMaster April 8, 2019

Pilot SkillsEnsuring Flight Safety – Preventing Loss of Control in Flight

Most people commonly understand that airplanes require a specific amount of energy to generate the lift they need to fly. Unfortunately, when airplanes wield too much power, they also may break.


by WebMaster March 22, 2019

Some of the Highest Paying Aviation Jobs in the Industry

aviation jobsDespite many aspiring flyers dreaming of a glamorous lifestyle of becoming a commercial pilot, the antiquated idea of pilots not going anywhere without their perfectly crisp uniforms with their attendants on their arms represents days of old.

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by WebMaster March 8, 2019

Amazing Things You Can Do Once You Pass Your Flight Physical

flight physicalMost people who love flying an aircraft love spending time up in the air. This is largely due to the tight-knit community of pilots that bond through their appreciation of the freedom they gain to travel solo in the sky.


by WebMaster February 22, 2019

Aviation Medical Exam Disqualifying Conditions

Aviation Medical Exam

For pilots that apply for an aviation medical certificate for the first time, it remains essential to know what to expect before your FAA Medical Exam. This includes what medical conditions might prevent you from Aviation Medical Exam approval.


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