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by WebMaster December 11, 2014

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Makes Maiden Landing


The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner has made its debut at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on December 2nd when Royal Jordanian landed one to begin twice-weekly passenger service to Amman. The twice-weekly route will be nonstop from Detroit to Amman.

This 270 Dreamliner is only one of eleven that were ordered by Royal Jordanian. These Dreamliners will operate during this winter season. They will go on routes that link Detroit Metro to Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport through a stop in Montreal. 

Royal Jordanian is replacing some of the older Airbus A340s and A330s in its 35 jet with these new twin-engine Boeing Dreamliners.

These new Boeings will be used on North American routes as well, which include New York, Chicago, and Toronto.

These 787-8 aircraft sell for $218.3 million each, according to prices listed at Boeing.com. That price does not include discounts, however.

Royal Jordanian has been losing money and has been seeking more cost and fuel-efficient aircraft. This is most likely why they purchased the new Boeing since it is 20% more fuel-efficient than similar aircraft.

Only 200 of the 1,000 Dreamliners have been ordered according to The Boeing CO.’s file. These orders began in the early 2000s. The first entered commercial service from that order was in 2011. The design and production issues delayed the Dreamliner entering passenger service. A design issue with the lithium-ion batteries used on Dreamliners prompted a three-month grounding of the jet in 2013 in the U.S. and elsewhere. The National Transportation Safety Board today issued a report faulting both Boeing and the FAA for the design flaw, which was corrected last year.



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